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“For our one year anniversary, my boyfriend Justin surprised me with a train trip from San Antonio to Fort Worth. He knew distinctly my love for locomotives. There is nothing quite like a train – that mournful sound as it chugs by you in the night, the lonely cry of its horn. Despite these melancholy associations, trains speak to me also of adventure, of time spent traveling around Europe a year ago, struggling from city to city with no agenda or prior plans – no safe warm place, no bed – but you could count on a train seat, or bench if you were lucky, or even a couchette if you paid the reserve fee in time. Yes, there is nothing like a train, and here in America they are definitely not commonplace.

I anticipated the romance of the situation. It would be better because it was an American service, no doubt. I looked forward to the intimacy of the dining car table – the two of us huddling over a bottle of wine and a warm meal, scenery passing by in the night, dimly illuminated by the glow of the moon. There could have been no better surprise.

And Fort Worth was the perfect destination. I had been there one year prior, and each weekend he’d found some way to make the trek from San Antonio to the DFW area to visit me. I’d been involved in training then, for a different job. I’d known Justin for a mere two months, but we easily and miraculously found inspiration for life and the world ignited when we were together.

So it was with this trip by rail, he gave me the best anniversary present I could receive…”

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